Who is LTC Marketing?

We are unlike many other marketing agencies, we don’t just jump in there, tell you what to do and then get out, we aim to work with you as part of your team… and yes we love the hospitality industry! 

With LTC Marketing you can have your cake and eat it

We do the doing, however small or large, as well as the planning, strategies and advice. 

For some we are the marketing department they don’t have, for others we assist their marketing team with our expertise and skill set.

We are a full service business-to-business agency, offering a highly professional and personal service, working closely with you to achieve your marketing objectives.

We operate within the hospitality sector and have an in-depth understanding of how the industry works and the various routes to market.

We have a high level of personal contact at senior level throughout the industry and our current clients include some of the most prestigious catering equipment companies in the business. They have trusted us to help their businesses for many years, so let us start helping you too.